Las Vegas DSA announces endorsements for June 12th election

Clark County District Attorney Endorsement

The Las Vegas DSA Executive Committee supports candidate Robert Langford for Clark Country District Attorney based on his following campaign commitments:

1. Langford has made it a top priority to end cash bail. We believe that cash bail is ineffective in a transformative justice system and exists to solely to penalize poverty.

2. Langford is committed to vacating marijuana-related convictions. We believe that the criminalization of marijuana led to excessive arrests and incarceration within communities of color. For those who were convicted before the legalization of marijuana to continue to serve out sentences is untenable.

Throughout the country, we are witnessing a fight back against the criminalization of poverty, the disproportionate incarceration of communities of color and we hope to join in this fight.

Clark County School Board Endorsements

There are three Clark County School Board Seats up for election this year – depending on your address, you may or may not see a candidate on your ballot.

DSA Supports the following progressive candidates. All three of them are supportive of teachers, unions, and public education – best of all, they are familiar with the challenges public education is facing in Nevada.

District D – Irene Cepeda
District F – Kali Fox Miller
District G – Linda Cavazos

If you see a School Board Candidate on your ballot, these three candidates support our agenda!

Clark County Judicial Endorsements

Nevada Supreme Court – Judge Elissa Cadish is one of the most progressive judges in Las Vegas and would be a strong progressive voice for the NSC.

The same is true of Melissa De la Garza (LV Township judge dept. 15).

James Leavitt (LV township dept. 1) has made statements against cash bail. Of the candidates for that seat, he is the only one that has made those statements.

Most of the other judicial candidates are running unopposed.