Disability Working Group Solidarity Statement

Las Vegas DSA stands in solidarity with all individuals with disabilities. We support the national DSA Disability Working Group Steering Committee’s decision to resign for their own well-being, and are deeply regretful that committed comrades undertaking such great work — not only for this organization, but for people with disabilities across the United States — were met with harassment and marginalization. We firmly believe that as an organization, as a movement, and as people, we can — and should — do better.

Las Vegas DSA will take these unfortunate events as an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to our comrades with disabilities locally, nationally, and abroad.  We have always worked to ensure events organized by Las Vegas DSA are accessible, and we will continued to listen to and amplify the voices and needs of all of our comrades moving forward.

The now-resigned steering committee for the national Disability Working Group encouraged us all to initiate the change locally that they were unable to initiate nationally. To not take action on this call would be disrespectful to not only their struggle, but to the struggle of all similarly situated comrades. As leftists, it is not only our obligation, but our duty to build a better world for all people, including those with disabilities.

In an effort to make our chapter more accessible to all of our comrades, Las Vegas DSA is working to create a structure specifically for hearing and addressing the questions, concerns, and needs of our comrades with accessibility needs. In solidarity with the former national Disability Working Group Steering Committee, we not only encourage, but implore our comrades across the nation to express commitment to the construction of a just and equal world not just in word, but in action — we cannot leave  any of our comrades behind.

A better world is possible, and the change starts with us.