Socialism in the News

Recently, socialism has been a buzzword in mainstream politics – here is a collection of articles that explore the idea of socialism in America, social democracy, and the left-moving political actions that DSA and other socialists have been taking on the larger political stage:

What would a Socialist America Look Like?

The Prison Strike is the Modern Day Slave Rebellion

California becomes first State to End Cash Bail

Democratic Socialism, Explained by a Democratic Socialist




Las Vegas DSA Brake Light Clinic

We had a fantastic turnout of volunteers and participants during our first ever Brake Light Repair Clinic. More than 20 cars had their brake lights serviced and we included a few headlight repairs. Here is an article chronicling the event. We have more than half the raised funds left over to support another brake light repair event this year. Thanks again for your amazing contributions to making this happen.

Free brake-light event aimed at avoiding police interaction