Back to work!

Now that the elections are over and we’ve all take the day off, we can get back to our mission of working for meaningful change.
Our next two chapter meetings will be as follows:
Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:30pm
Thursday, December 20, 2018 6:30pm
Our new home is Work in Progress – 317 South 6th Street, behind the federal courthouse!
These next two meetings will focus on community building and upcoming actions.  Come prepared with actions you’d like to be involved in and topics to focus on in the next months.

We will also be looking at some changes to our bylaws.  Keep in mind, only members in good standing can propose and vote for bylaw changes.  This is a great opportunity to ensure you are current in your national dues.

See you soon!

Community Agreements

The Las Vegas DSA is a community of individuals sharing ideas; as such, we have created a set of community agreements to ensure we are consistently meeting our own goals and each member of the community is being treated fairly.

Community Agreements

  • Progressive Stack – The Facilitator keeps a list of names from people who raise their hand
  • Why Am I Talking – When in discussion, please ask yourself “Why am I talking (wait)?”
  • Step Up, Step Back – When you speak, after you make your point, let others speak
  • Use “I” Statements – Speak from your perspective, rather than assuming that of other people
  • One Diva, One Mic – One person speaks at a time
  • Listen (Don’t Wait to Talk) – Genuinely pay attention to what others say
  • Assume Best Intentions, But Challenge
  • Acknowledge when you make a mistake


These agreements are in effect at all DSA meetings and events.